Thomasville, Pennsylvania - Man Crushed By Front-End Loader In Paradise Township

Victim Identified As 56-Year-Old William Evert Was Working At His Home

York County officials were called out to the 5000 block of Admire road in Paradise Twp just after 1AM on Thursday, November 14th.

Upon arrival, they encountered Evert who had been crushed between the front-end component of the CASE Uni-loader and the body of the vehicle. It is not clear how the accident occurred, but it appears that the victim was working with the truck when the front component became dislodged and crushed him.

The death was considered accidental by officials, though an investigation has yet to be completed to determine if any kind of malfunction with the unit may have caused this fatal accident.

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“It’s hard to argue against the fact that heavy machinery of all kinds have absolutely revolutionized work sites across our entire country. Whether it be a bulldozer, excavator, crane, lift, front-end loader or other, projects in today’s day and age can be completed in a fraction of the time that it used to take in the past.

And yet with these powerful and efficient machines also come some inherent risks. These risks can be mostly mitigated with maintenance and operation only by trained personnel, though not all accidents can be avoided.

Unfortunately, when accidents with this equipment occurs, it tends to cause severe injuries such as brain damage, multiple fractures, nerve damage, or even amputation. This is, of course, in the cases that don’t result in death.

If an injury or death is caused by an operator’s negligence or a malfunction with the equipment, then the victims and their families have the right to pursue a compensation through a lawsuit. If successful, the lawsuit will provide an amount that can cover medical bills, funeral or burial costs in the event of death, loss of income and other direct damages.

Those individuals who may have been injured in an accident involving heavy machinery should contact an experienced attorney who will be able to analyze the details of the case, lay out all of the options for the plaintiffs, and then fight tooth and nail to achieve the compensation that those affected by the accident deserve and need to get back on their feet.”



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