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Summit Medical Associates Announces Patient Information May Have Been Exposed in a Data Breach

Summit Medical Associates, a heart and vascular health clinic based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has informed some patients that their information may have been exposed in connection with a data breach that occurred earlier this year.

Summit Medical Associates Data Breach

In June, Summit discovered that it was unable to access certain patient records stored on its server, a common indication of a data breach. Summit immediately enlisted the aid of a third-party forensic computer expert to determine the cause of the incident and what information may have been exposed.

The investigation concluded that someone gained unauthorized access to their system between January 24, 2020, and June 5, 2020. Summit then identified which patient’s information may have been accessed by the third-party, and believes it has identified everyone who may be at risk. While Summit said that there is no evidence that the unauthorized third-party in their system actually viewed patient’s personal information, some of the information that may have been compromised includes patient name, medical information, and social security number.

In response to the incident Summit immediately went over its existing policies and procedures, as well as safety protocols. Summit is working to notify the patients whose information may have been exposed and has also set up a phone line for those with questions about the incident at 866-977-1033. Summit has also asked the patients to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity on their accounts in the coming months.

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/summit-medical-associates-provides-notice-of-a-data-breach-301106161.html

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Saeed & Little Announce Investigation of Alleged Data Breach At Summit Medical Associates

After learning of the confidential information that may have been exposed in the breach, Saeed & Little announced that they will investigate the data breach at Summit Medical Associates. The investigation will be led by attorney Ali Saeed, and hopes to uncover whether patinet’s confidential information was actually exposed.

Is There A Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit Against Summit Medical Associates?

Data breaches can lead to stolen identities and massive costs in correcting damages done by the thief. In these situations, victims often may be able to recover damages through a data breach class action lawsuit against the company.

At this point, the investigation into Summit Medical Associates is still in the early stages. Ali Saeed is actively communicating with current and former clients at Summit to inform them of their legal options. If his investigation uncovers evidence that patient information fell into the wrong hands, Saeed believes that his firm has the experience and financial resources to represent all those affected by the breach.

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