Construction Worked Killed By Crane In Shrewsbury

OSHA Investigating Death Of SAK Construction Worker At Carr Lane Court Site

Emergency units were called out to a Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) construction site around 3 in the morning on Tuesday, September 17th. The call was made after a worker on the site was struck by a crane when it was being operated. The victim has yet to be identified.

Few details have been provided, but it has been made clear that the worker was impacted while he was above ground. Official reports also indicate that the victim did not fall into the tunnel after being struck.

The construction project, which is scheduled to be completed in 2022, is being carried out by SAK Construction and Black & Veatch. The victim was a subcontractor of SAK Construction.

The worker had only been on assignment at the site for two weeks before this catastrophic end. No foul play is suspected, but the Shrewsbury PD, as well as OSHA officials, are investigating the circumstances of the accident.

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Heavy machinery is a broad term used to describe the industrial-sized vehicles encountered on most construction sites. It can include the likes of cranes, forklifts, pavers, compactors, dump trucks, and more.

This specialized machinery must be operated by trained and certified personnel, and be inspected regularly. It is true that their role on a construction site is vital, but they very easily become deadly if federal safety regulations are not followed.

Unfortunately, regulations are often violated, leading to injuries and even death. When these catastrophies occur, the victims and their families are often left in a horrendous situation.

Aside from having to deal with the emotional trauma of the accident, the victim and their loved ones will have the added weight of significant medical expenses. The loss of income may also make it difficult to keep up with normal expenses. A mortgage, school fees, and even weekly grocery payments can become unbearable.

But there are ways in which victims can receive help with these financial burdens. A workers’ compensation claim is a possibility for all workers, and will help cover medical expenses and a portion of income if granted. If negligence is determined to be a factor in the incident, a personal injury lawsuit may also be an avenue to consider.”



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