Sherman Oaks, California - Construction Worker Crushed By Lumber At Ventura Blvd Site In Critical Condition

Victim Transported by Los Angeles Fire Department to Local Trauma Center

The accident took place the morning of Thursday, November 21st on a construction site located at 14241 Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks.

The victim became pinned under some lumber which reportedly fell on him. After several minutes, some of the victim’s colleagues were able to free him and commenced CPR under direction of a 911 operator. Emergency responders from LAFD arrived soon after and were able to provide advanced life support.

The victim was transported with severe injuries to a local hospital for treatment. No additional updates have been provided by officials regarding the victim’s health or their identity.

The help of the Mayor’s Crisis Response Team was dispatched to the scene to assist and support the workers who were present during the traumatic incident.

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Fortunately, this reasoning is completely wrong. All workers, no matter how dangerous their profession, have the right to file a worker’s compensation claim after a work injury. This is because employers are required by law to pay for insurance coverage on all their employees against work injuries. If an employer does not possess the coverage, they can be sued when an injury occurs.

Through a claim an injured worker has the possibility of receiving a compensation that covers medical costs along with other related damages. And yet, many workers who file worker’s comp claims can find that their benefits are reduced or denied outright by the insurance companies who are liable for paying out the policies.

This is because insurance providers hire adjusters whose goal is to reduce the amount of money paid out on any policy as much as possible. Indeed, insurance companies would quickly go out of business if they did not put up a fight when handing out benefits to victims.

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