Del Mar Cosmetic Contouring Surgery Center

A man has been accused of impersonating a surgeon and sexually assaulting patients at Del Mar Cosmetic Contouring Surgery Center.

Dario Moscoso Accused of Impersonating Plastic Surgeon, Sexually Assaulting Women

Last Update: 7/13/2020

An employee of Del Mar Cosmetic Contouring Surgery Center in San Diego has been accused of impersonating a plastic surgeon and groping patients at the center. 67-year-old Dario Moscoso faces nine felony and misdemeanor counts, including sexual battery, treating the sick/afflicted without a certificate, and use of terms and letters falsely indicating right to practice medicine.

Police say that Moscoso is employed at Del Mar Cosmetic Contouring Surgery Center but not as a plastic surgeon. Despite this fact, he allegedly performed procedures like the “Brazilian butt lift” and breast augmentation without a license to practice medicine. He is accused of inappropriately touching a woman’s breasts and buttocks while posing as a surgeon in November 2017.

The District Attorney’s office believes there may be other women who were sexually assaulted by Moscoso while he was posing as a plastic surgeon. Others have been encouraged to come forward.

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Legal Options for Victims of Sexual Assault in Medical Facilities

A regular contributor to Legal Herald, Bobby Thompson is an experienced sex crimes lawyer who has previously investigated claims of persons sexually assaulted at medical facilities. Bobby has some thoughts to share on the legal rights of those who have been sexually assaulted in medical facilities; we’ve included them below.

“Medical facilities have a legal duty to make sure their patients are safe from preventable harm, including sexual assault by employees, other patients, and even visitors to the facility. While we all expect these facilities to be safe places and medical professionals to be trustworthy people, this is sadly not always the case.  When an individual and especially a patient is sexually assaulted at a medical facility, it’s important to determine if the assault could have been prevented. Many of these heinous crimes only happen because of negligence by the facility, such as failing to run background checks before hiring new employees. In cases of negligence, victims of sexual assault in medical facilities may have grounds for a lawsuit against the negligent entity.”

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