San Antonio, Texas - Driver Killed When Dump Truck Pins Him Against Another Vehicle

Victim Identified As 71-Year-Old George Gamez

San Antonio Police responded to a call from a site on the 1500 block of West Hutchins Place on Friday, October 18th around 6AM. Upon arrival, they encountered Gamez, who was pinned between a dump truck and his personal truck.

Reportedly, the victim turned on the dump truck and stepped out of the cabin while it warmed up. At this time, he went to retrieve something from his personal vehicle. It is not yet known how, but the idling truck went into gear, ramming Gamez into the second vehicle. Unfortunately, the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities are investigating the truck to determine if any faulty components may have caused this fatal accident.

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Laurence Banville, an experienced industrial accident attorney and contributor to LH offered the following insight for victims and families of victims of construction and industrial injuries:

“Heavy machinery doesn’t have to be used on a construction site for it to be deadly. It could even be said that any time these powerful machines are on, they have the ability to take a life.

Specialized machinery requires constant maintenance and safety checks to remain in working condition and also safe for all who work around it. If these checks are not conducted, then the safety of all workers can be put at risk.

Yet accidents continue to happen on industrial sites, and seemingly the victims are always the workers who suffer the injuries and their families who are met with the unexpected shock. In some cases, if the injured worker was the sole income for the household, then the family and victim are essentially left high and dry.

Fortunately the law possesses avenue for the victims in these circumstances to pursue the help they need. This can be done by filing a lawsuit which, via a financial compensation, can provide benefits that cover medical costs, physical and emotional pain, and even lost wages. In the terrible cases in which negligence leads to the death of a worker, a lawsuit can also provide compensation to cover funeral and burial costs.

Subsequently, those affected by injuries on work sites should speak with an experienced accident attorney who can examine their case and determine what legal options exist to help the victims recover and finally heal.”



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