San Antonio, Texas – 3 Pedestrians Injured After Being Hit By Alleged Drunk Driver in Northeast San Antonio

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7200 block of Gibbs Sprawl Road

The 7200 block of Gibbs Sprawl Road, where 3 pedestrians were hit by a suspected drunk driver on September 5.

Alleged Drunk Driver Hits 3 Pedestrians Early Wednesday Morning

Three pedestrians were sent to the hospital early Wednesday morning after they were run over by an alleged drunk driver in Northeast San Antonio. An unidentified driver left the roadway on the 7200 block of Gibbs Sprawl Road at around 1:45 and struck two men and a woman who were walking alongside the road.

Paramedics brought all three victims to San Antonio Military Medical Center, where they were listed in critical condition.

Deputies with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office arrested the driver on suspicion of drunk driving. No names of the victims or driver have been released.

Lawsuits For Drunk Driving Victims in Texas

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of CrimeVictim.Attorney would like to weigh in on the legal options available to drunk driving victims in Texas:

When intoxicated people cause accidents through negligence and others get injured, those victims often have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit against the intoxicated person. Drunk driving is one of the clearest examples of negligence, and it’s important for those who have been injured by drunk drivers to be aware of their legal rights. The families of those killed by drunk drivers should also be aware that the may have grounds for a lawsuit against the drunk driver, and possibly the alcohol vendor who served that driver.

Texas is one of many states with dram shop laws, which allow alcohol vendors like bars, nightclubs, and restaurants to be held liable for injuries caused by drunk drivers, under certain circumstances. According to Texas dram shop laws, alcohol vendors can be held liable for injuries caused by their customers if:

  • alcohol was served or given to a minor under age 18, or
  • when the alcohol was sold, the customer was “obviously intoxicated” and posed “a clear danger” to the safety of themselves and others, and
  • the intoxication was a foreseeable cause of the injuries suffered.

If you or a loved one has been hit by a drunk driver, we advise speaking with an experienced DUI victims lawyer to better understand your legal options.

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