Wurzbach Road and Dalewood Place in San Antonio, Texas

Suspected drunk driver injures someone in crash on Wurzbach Road and Dalewood Place in San Antonio, Texas.

Suspected Drunk Driver Arrested For Crash That Injured 1 Person

News 4 San Antonio reports that around 9 p.m. on July 19, 2019, a drunk driver collided with another vehicle causing a major crash at Wurzbach Road and Dalewood Place in San Antonio. An orange truck allegedly hit an SUV, causing it to flip over.

The victim was taken to the hospital and appears to be in stable condition. Meanwhile, the driver of the orange vehicle has since been arrested for suspected driving while intoxicated.

Identifications of the suspect and victim are not available at this time.

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Legal Options For Victims Injured By Drunk Drivers in Texas

Attorney contributor Brian Kent at CrimeVictim.Attorney works closely with victims of drunk driving. Mr. Kent has offered his advice on accidents in Texas in the past such as San Antonio, Texas – 3 Pedestrians Injured After Being Hit By Alleged Drunk Driver in Northeast San Antonio. Below we have asked him to share some of his advice on the legal options that may be available to drunk driving victims and their families.

In Texas and many other states, people who have been killed or injured by a drunk driver can pursue many different legal routes in trying to obtain financial compensation. First, these drunk driving victims can try to file a personal injury lawsuit against the inebriated driver. Personal injury lawsuits are a common option for many of these victims, but given the complexity and varying nature of these cases, there are always alternative routes that drunk driving victims may choose to take.

For example, many states observe dram shop laws. Under these laws, a drunk driving victim can actually file a lawsuit against the vendor who sold the alcohol to the drunk driver. But of course, there are a few stipulations and they vary by state. According to Texas dram shop laws, an alcohol vendor may be made liable for a drunk driving accident if the vendor is:

  • serving alcohol to a minor (someone under the age of 21)
  • or serving alcohol to someone who is already “obviously” intoxicated.

A drunk driving victim may be able to bring forth a lawsuit against the vendor if one of these laws are violated and the drunk driver harms someone.

If you or someone you know has been killed or injured by a drunk driver in Texas, you can discover more about your legal options by talking to one of our experienced drunk driving crash victims attorneys today.

Location of Dalewood Place and Harry Wurzbach Road in San Antonio, TX



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