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Rockwall, TX - Lakepointe Church Volunteer, Natalie Sorrells, Charged with Sexually Assaulting a Child

Published: April 8, 2024
By: Darla Medina
Last Updated on April 8, 2024

Texas Megachurch Youth Volunteer Arrested For Child Sex Abuse

The Roys Report included a shocking incident of alleged sexual assault that has rocked the community near Dallas as a real estate agent and youth volunteer at Lakepointe Church faces charges. Natalie Sorrells, 44, has been arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child and two counts of indecency with child sexual contact, according to public safety records from the Department of Public Safety in Heath, Texas.

According to Fox 10 Phoenix, the arrest affidavit revealed troubling facts surrounding the case. The 44-year-old resident of Heath, Texas, was arrested after the child's mother discovered deleted text messages between Sorrells and her son, where Sorrells referred to the child as "babe." In subsequent forensic interviews, the 13-year-old victim disclosed multiple instances of inappropriate contact, including incidents of molestation and sexual encounters with Sorrells. Furthermore, the child also stated that Sorrells provided him and other friends with alcohol and tobacco on several occasions.

Lakepointe Church, a prominent megachurch in the area led by renowned pastor Josh Howerton located at 701 E Interstate 30, Rockwall, TX 75087, is now grappling with the allegations against one of its own volunteer youth workers. Sorrells had been actively involved at Lakepointe's Rockwall campus, as confirmed by a statement released by the church.

The statement conveyed that the church became aware of Sorrells' alleged illegal sexual contact with a minor just last week. While the church stated that they believed the inappropriate activity did not occur on church premises or during any church event, they took immediate action to protect their members. Lakepointe informed parents about the situation, restricted Sorrells from any contact with minors within the church, and terminated her volunteer position. The church emphasized that all their volunteers undergo a thorough security clearance, background checks, and training before being allowed to serve.

Attempts were made to reach out to Lakepointe for further comment but received no response.

According to court records, Sorrells was initially detained in Rockport County Jail until she posted a bond of $150,000 a week later. The Heath Department of Safety revealed to TRR that the case report containing additional details is not currently available to the public.

In addition to her involvement with the church, Sorrells has been working as a real estate agent in the area for nearly five years, as indicated by her Instagram account. Just two weeks ago, she shared a post on her realtor Instagram account featuring a positive testimony and recommendation from a satisfied client. Sorrells expressed her joy in helping clients achieve their dreams and life goals, highlighting the rewarding aspects of her profession.

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Understanding Clergy Abuse Survivor's Rights and Fighting for Justice

In the wake of recent allegations surrounding the arrest of a youth volunteer at Lakepointe Church, we turn to sexual assault attorney Marc Lenahan, Esq., for valuable insights into the legal rights available to survivors of sexual abuse within religious institutions. In this interview, Mr. Lenahan sheds light on the path to justice, holding negligent parties accountable, and supporting survivors through the complex legal process. Join us as we take a closer look into this crucial topic and empower those affected by providing information and guidance from an experienced Texas sexual abuse attorney.

Editor Darla Medina (DM): Thank you for joining us, Mr. Lenahan.

Attorney Marc Lenahan (ML): Thank you for having me, Darla.

DM: In light of the recent arrest and charges against the Texas megachurch volunteer, we want to go over the legal rights of those who have been sexually abused by church staff members. Can you provide some insights into this matter?

ML: Absolutely, Darla. It's crucial to recognize that survivors of sexual abuse within a religious context have legal avenues to pursue justice and hold all negligent parties accountable. The first step is to understand that the victims have rights that deserve protection and support.

DM: Can you elaborate on the specific legal options available for survivors in such cases?

ML: Certainly. Survivors may have grounds to file civil lawsuits against both the individual perpetrator and the institution responsible for their actions. These cases often involve allegations of negligence, failure to supervise, or inadequate background checks. It's essential to consult with an experienced attorney who specializes in religious sexual abuse cases to assess the unique circumstances of each situation.

DM: How can survivors navigate the legal process while dealing with the emotional trauma they have endured?

ML: It's a challenging journey for survivors, which is why having a compassionate and knowledgeable legal advocate is crucial. Attorneys familiar with religious sexual abuse cases can offer guidance, support, and resources to help survivors seek justice without further harm. Additionally, therapy and support groups can play a significant role in the healing process.

DM: Thank you, Mr. Lenahan, for sharing your insights and expertise on this important topic. Is there anything else you would like to add?

ML: I would like to emphasize that survivors should never hesitate to come forward and speak up about their experiences. By doing so, they not only empower themselves but also contribute to raising awareness and preventing future incidents of abuse within religious institutions.

DM: Thank you again for joining us today, Mr. Lenahan.

ML: It was my pleasure, Darla. Thank you for addressing this important subject.

Have You Been Sexually Assaulted By a Church Volunteer? Contact Us for a Free Consultation Today

If you or a loved one have been a victim of sexual abuse by a church staff member, know that you are not alone. Our dedicated team of experienced attorneys is here to support you, fight for your rights, and guide you through the legal process. We understand the immense challenges you may be facing, and we are committed to seeking justice on your behalf. Contact us today for a confidential and free consultation, where we can discuss your case, provide compassionate guidance, and help you take the first steps towards reclaiming your life.


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