Tractor-Trailer Accidents Leaves Two Dead On I-81 Roanoke VA j

Passenger Car Victims Identified As 51-Year-Old Jeffrey Noffsinger And 64-Year-Old Peter Ozolins

On Wednesday, October 2nd, Virginia State Police responded to a tractor-trailer accident on Interstate 81 close to mile marker 134. When they arrived, they found two passenger cars and two tractor-trailers involved in the multi-vehicle crash.

Joshua Bernard, a 38-year-old from Elizabethon, Tennessee, crashed into Noffsinger and Ozolins’ cars, as well as Yang Li’s tractor-trailer, which were stopped in traffic.

Both drivers of the passenger cars which were allegedly rammed by Bernard’s 2014 International tractor-trailer were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Tragically, both succumbed to their injuries.

Li, the 33-year-old driver of the other tractor-trailer that was affected, was lucky enough to walk away without injuries.

Various officials from the State of Virginia are involved in the ongoing investigation, though charges of reckless driving have already been filed against Bernard.

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