A construction worker was seriously injured while working on the Queensbury Highway Garage.

Queensbury Highway Garage Construction Worker Suffers Serious Head Injury

Last Update: 7/13/2020

Legal Analysis: Read the second part of this story for commentary from construction injury lawyer Laurence Banville on the legal rights of injured construction workers.

A construction worker who was building the new Queensbury highway garage was seriously injured in a work-related accident on Friday, June 19.

31-year-old Chris Olsen was hit in the head by the top of a light post that he was installing, said the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Supervisor John Stough, a video showed that they were resetting a light pole and that they had a strap tied around the metal pole. Stough says the pole was secured but the securing slipped, breaking the bolts that were connecting the light head.

The light head then fell to the ground, striking Olsen in the head. He had a helmet on, but was still seriously injured and knocked unconscious. He was flown to Albany Medical Center for evaluation and treatment.

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How Can I Get Financial Compensation For a Construction Injury?

Attorney Laurence Banville helps injured construction workers secure the financial compensation they deserve. We’ve asked Brian to share some thoughts on the financial options available to these workers:

Injured construction workers often have difficult recoveries, including expensive medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other struggles. Fortunately, there are often options for financial compensation, which can make handling these struggles easier.

If the worker is an employee of a company, he likely qualifies for workers’ compensation. In some cases, injured construction workers also may have grounds for a lawsuit. These lawsuits are available if the injury was caused by third-party negligence – such as a piece of defective equipment produced by a negligent manufacturer.

Construction injury cases are complex and determining your best route for financial compensation will likely require legal guidance. You can learn more about your legal rights by contacting our experienced construction injury lawyers for a free consultation.

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