Promenade Blvd & Princeton Walk Blvd in Princeton, NJ

1 person seriously injured after a suspected drunk driving crash on Promenade Blvd & Princeton Walk Blvd in Princeton, NJ.

Aditya Shajil Arrested After Suspected DUI Crash

According to Patch.com, on August 15th around 2 a.m., Aditya Shajil was driving on Promenade Boulevard at Princeton Walk Boulevard in Princeton, NJ.

Shajil struck a motorcycle that was driving down Promenade Boulevard. The motorcycle driver sustained major injuries to his head and spine. The victim was hospitalized for his injuries.

Shajil was charged with 3rd-degree assault by auto resulting in serious bodily injury and driving while under the influence.

The investigation is still underway and anyone with information should contact South Brunswick Police Department at (732) 329-4000.

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Can I Sue For Being Injured By A Drunk Driver?

Attorney contributor Brian Kent helps victims of drunk drivers receive the financial compensation they need and deserve. Here is Brian with some thoughts on the legal rights of these victims in New Jersey:

It is important for victims injured by drunk drivers to understand their legal options in that state. Every state allows these victims and family members of victims killed by drunk drivers to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver.

Additionally, in many states like New Jersey, victims injured by drunk drivers may be able to sue the alcohol vendor who provided the driver alcohol prior to the crash. This is known as a dram shop lawsuit.

New Jersey’s dram shop laws state that an alcohol vendor can be held liable for injuries caused by a customer if they sell alcohol to a minor under 21 years old, or to a customer who was visibly overly intoxicated and the intoxication was a foreseeable cause of the victim’s injuries.

Promenade Blvd & Princeton Walk Blvd in Princeton, NJ



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