Prairie Village, Kansas - Electrocuted Worker Dies At Construction Site Near State Line & W 79th St

Victim Identified As 48-Year-Old Michael T. Young

Emergency crews responded to a call from the 7900 block of State Line Rd, near the intersection with Somerset Drive, around 1:30PM on Tuesday, November 5th.

Official reports indicate that Young was employing a boom lift at the construction site of a future Tidal Wave Car Wash when it contacted some nearby power lines, electrocuting him. By the time responders from the Prairie Village Police arrived at the scene, the victim was already deceased.

It is not clear at this time why this deadly incident was allowed to happen, as work sites should be cleared of dangers before any work is completed. Local authorities are investigating, and the State’s OSHA officials are also expected to intervene.

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“Every day, millions of construction employees head out to work bright and early hoping to earn the financial support required to put food on the table for their families. Unfortunately, not all of these hard-working folks make it back home safely.

This is because the construction industry is one of the riskiest in the entire country. In fact, almost every day a construction worker is injured or killed in a workplace accident.

Unfortunately it is not only the worker themselves who suffers but also their loved ones. Even worse, when workers lose their life in a construction accident, their families are left not only grieving and suffering because of the loss, but also left scrambling to pay for all the expenses that the death can bring.

It’s rarely the first choice of victims to go forward with a lawsuit after a loved one is killed on a work site, but this legal proceeding can be the only way for them to receive a compensation that helps to cover funeral and burial costs, as well as the loss of future earnings and other damages.

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