Truck Driver Crushed By Steel Beams In Pompano FL

Sylvester Roulhac Of Coral Springs Crushed By Steel Beams At Kloeckner Metal

The incident is believed to have ocurred around 6AM on Monday, September 16th. Sylvester Roulhac, an employee of Pro Drivers, had driven his truck to 1621 NW 12th Ave in Pompano Beach, FL, expecting to pick up an allotment of steel beams.

Prior to leaving the facility, the truck driver was checking his load of beams to ensure that these were properly secured. It was at this time that another pile of beams, each one weighing over half a ton, came loose and fell onto the victim.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office specialized Technical Rescue Team had to be called in to retrieve the man’s body. Each beam had to be removed individually, which took the responding units hours to achieve.

The accident and resulting death are being investigated by the BSO, as well as by OSHA representatives who were dispatched to the scene.

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Attorney contributor Laurence Banville of BanvilleLaw.com has represented workers who were victims of all sorts of accidents involving fallings object. He has offered the following invaluable insights for those who may find themselves in a similar situation.

“Accidents involving falling objects are ranked by OSHA (Occupational Safety & Helath Administration) as the third most common on construction sites. In fact, they account for 8.1% of all worker injuries which required any degree of hospitalization. They are also generally categorized as “struck by” incidents.

When on the job, workers are often absorbed by their own tasks. This can put them in a position in which they are unaware of hazards which may exist in their surroundings. Indeed, many safety standards are put in place by supervising federal bodies, but these are not always followed.

When these safety measures are violated, the machinery and tools on a site quickly turn into deadly devices. If death is avoided, injuries in these situations can be extremely serious, and include brain, back, head, and piercing injuries. Other examples encompass severe cuts or disfigurement, as well as partial or total blindness.

The legal options at the disposal of victims of falling objects in the workplace are powerful, but also vary in scope from case to case. This is why, if you or a loved one has been the victim of a falling object accident, it is highly recommended to discuss your case with an attorney with experience in the field.”



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