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Solberg Center for Structural Integration

Solberg Center for Structural Integration in Plano. The co-owner is accused of sexual assault.

Several More Victims Come Foward After Arrest of Solberg Center Owner

The co-owner of Solberg Center for Structural integration was arrested earlier this month after a woman came forward with allegations that he sexually assaulted her under the guise of medical treatment. Since then, an additional six women have come forward with similar allegations against 58-year-old Michael Solberg.

Solberg was arrested last week and charged with sexually assaulting a patient in 2009. That woman has met with six others who say they’ve had similar experiences involving Solberg.

The first victim told Dallas police that Solberg had touched her inappropriately during a medical massage at his Dallas clinic in February 2009. In a story by the Dallas Morning News, this woman said that she felt like police discouraged her from pressing charges. She went back to police again in 2019 and is now one of seven women formally accusing Solberg of sexual assault.

These allegations include incidents from throughout the past decade, from 2009 until late 2018. All seven women say that Solberg gained their trust and convinced them that the abuse was part of medical treatment.

Other victims and anyone else with information regarding this case has been asked to contact Detective Chris Anderson at 214-671-3616.

Justice for Victims of Sexual Abuse by Medical Professionals

Attorney Brian Kent of is a former prosecutor who now represents survivors of sexual violence in civil cases. We’ve asked him to share some insight regarding the legal options available to those who have survived sexual abuse by medical professionals:

Medical members are generally some of the most highly respected and trusted members of their communities. Most of these professionals have earned this trust, but a handful are sexual predators who exploit the trust of their communities in order to commit horrible crimes. When a medical professional sexually assaults their patients, it’s crucial to make sure justice is served. The perpetrator must be arrested and prosecuted, the victims must get the assistance they need, and the facility must also be held accountable if their negligence contributed to the assaults.

In many cases of sexual abuse involving medical professionals, the victims will have the right to file a lawsuit. This applies in cases involving third-party negligence (such as an employer failing to report allegations of sexual misconduct), as well as those in which the abuser is the owner of the facility where the assaults took place.

If you or a loved one is a survivor of sexual abuse by a medical professional, you can learn more about your family’s legal options by speaking to an experienced sexual assault survivors attorney.

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