Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Two Injured In Crash With Public Works Truck On Washington Boulevard

Accident Involved Pittsburgh Public Works Truck And Two Passenger Vehicles

The crash occurred Friday, November 15th around 7AM, practically rush hour on Pittsburgh’s highly-trafficked Washington Boulevard.

Few details have been released by authorities at this time though it has been reported that two individuals involved in the crash were taken to a hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. All three vehicles involved were totaled and had to be towed away. Additionally, crews were dispatched to the scene as the Public Works truck began leaking fuel onto the roadway.

Fortunately, the debris was cleaned up within hours and traffic was allowed to resume as normal. No further updates have been offered regarding the status of the victims; the cause of the accident has also not been announced.

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A tireless contributor to The Legal Herald and experienced truck accident attorney at BanvilleLaw.com, Laurence Banville offered the following insight for victims of truck crashes:

“Most individuals can understand how traumatizing a death from an unexpected car accident can be. Yet, when those involved in a crash are lucky enough to survive, they also become victims of the incident due to the hardships that it can bring.

Injuries resulting from a truck accident can place a huge financial burden on a survivor and their families. Medical bills can quickly add up, and if a person isn’t able to work due to their injury, then these costs become even more worrying.

It’s also true that, for most victims, filing a lawsuit is not the first thought that comes to their mind after suffering injuries in a truck crash. Unfortunately, this legal process may be one of the only ways for them to be able to heal and get back on their feet.

Insurance policies will only pay out so much; once the policy’s limit is reached, the benefits will stop, whether the victim’s needs are taken care of or not. In these cases, filing a truck accident lawsuit can be the last hope for justice.

An experienced truck accident attorney will be able to analyze a victim’s case and explore all of the options for compensation that can help those persons most affected in an accident. If expert input or testimony is required for the case, they will also be able to bring this in to support the lawsuit.

If nothing else, victims of injuries in truck crashes should consult their incident with an attorney so as to inform themselves and be able to make such an important decision with as much information as possible.”



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