N 107th Ave & W Missouri Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85307

2 construction workers died after a trench collapsed at N 107th Ave & W Missouri Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85307.

Deadly Construction Accident Under Investigation

Fox 10 Phoenix reported on July 23rd that 2 construction workers had been trapped in a trench that collapsed at N 107th Ave & W Missouri Ave in Phoenix, AZ 85307.

Both of the victims were killed in the accident while working at the planned housing site. There was an intensive body recovery operation performed by the Phoenix Fire Department.

An investigation is underway to understand the cause of the accident.

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Can I Sue For A Construction Injury?

Attorney contributor Kevin Biniazin helps injured construction workers recover the financial compensation they deserve. Kevin has offered to share some insight on the legal options available to these workers and their families:

Construction workers usually are able to receive workers’ compensation. And there are some instances when injured construction workers may also have grounds for a lawsuit. These lawsuits are available if the injury was caused by third-party negligence. For example, if a defective machine is produced by a negligent manufacturer, then a victim may be able to sue that manufacturer.

Location of N107th Ave & W Missouri Ave in Phoenix, AZ



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