Petaluma, California - Man Riding Tricycle On Lakeville Street Killed By Semi-Truck

Truck Struck Rider In Front Of In-N-Out Burger, Continued Driving

The deadly incident occurred shortly after noon on Wednesday, October 23rd.

The deceased, who is yet to be named, was riding an adult tricycle in the eastbound lanes of Lakeville Street towards Highway 101 when he was struck by a semi-truck traveling in the same direction. By the time emergency responders arrived on scene, the victim had already passed.

Witnesses reported seeing two semi-trucks in the area before the accident, both of which were flagged down as neither one stopped. Only one is believed to have been involved in the accident, though both are reported to be cooperating with the investigation.

The nearby intersection with Caulfield Lane was closed while the scene was investigated, though it was later opened. The exact details of this deadly incident have yet to be released.

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