Eight Injured In Truck Accident In Perris CA

Stolen Construction Truck Caused Multi-Car Crash Before Colliding Into Shopping Center On 4th Street

On the evening of Tuesday, October 1st, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call regarding a truck which had crashed into a shopping mall locale near the 200 block of 4th Street.

A 23-year-old man is alleged to have stolen a construction company truck which was left running about a block away from the scene of the accident. Workers were able to chase down the stolen vehicle, though not before it ran through an intersection and caused a multi-vehicle crash.

One of the construction workers was able to enter the truck’s cabin and wrestled for control of the vehicle, which resulted in it speeding into another vehicle in the parking lot in front of a local Pizza Chalet. The parked vehicle was then pushed into a restaurant by the stolen truck.

A total of 8 victims were reported, though the situation could have been much worse if it had occurred during rush hour, when the restaurant is usually more populated. Two of the victims had to be translated to a local area hospital for more intensive treatment.

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Contributor to Legal Herald and experienced truck accident attorney Laurence Banville of BanvilleLaw.com has shared his thoughts on the rights and legal options available to victims who sustained serious injuries in a truck crash:

“When someone’s negligence results in a truck accident, there exists the possibility for a person, group, or company to be held liable and responsible for the full extent of damages that may have taken place.

For a victim, filing a lawsuit after a truck accident can be one of the only ways to recover the compensation that they require to pay for losses that may include:

  • Medical treatment
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional traum
  • Loss of income

The remuneration can be achieved through a settlement with the defendant, or through a verdict in court.  This compensation is always intended to pay for actual losses that the victim has suffered. As a result, this means that the outcome and compensation award for two different cases will also be completely unrelated and more than likely very different.

Enlisting the help of an experienced attorney who has a history of successful truck accident lawsuit outcomes is vital to most cases. If you’ve seen a loved one, or even yourself, suffer injuries after a collision with a truck, it can be of great help in your case to seek legal guidance as soon as possible.”



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