Otay Mesa, California -Freight Yard Guard Suffers Open Fracture In Semi-Truck Accident

81-Year-Old Victim was Stationed at Intersection of Cactus Court and Siempre Viva Road

The accident occurred in the late hours of Thursday, October 10th when the victim, who was working as a security guard for a freight yard, suffered the severe injuries.

San Diego Police Office Robert Heims indicated that the man was inspecting an incoming tractor-trailer when, at some point, his legs were run over by the truck. The victim suffered crushing injuries along with an open fracture, both of which are considered grave but not immediately life-threatening. He was taken to the hospital and hospitalized soon after.

The driver of the truck has only been identified as a 50-year-old man.

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An experienced truck injury lawyer at BanvilleLaw.com and contributor to LH, Laurence Banville provided the following information for victims of truck accidents wondering what their legal options are:

“In the cases in which pedestrians are struck by large motor vehicles such as semi-trucks or tractor-trailers, they are considered lucky if the survive. Nevertheless, the life-changing injuries that they may suffer can promptly put a stop to a career and place a family under extreme financial pressures.

Yet there are methods for recovering a compensation that can be significantly helpful to victims and their loved ones. The amount received will depend on the individual circumstances, but will be based on medical bills resulting from the accident, emotional trauma suffered, and wages lost. It can also cover future expenses that are expected to arise.

With the help of an attorney, this compensation can be pursued via a truck accident lawsuit. If the injury was suffered while on-the-clock, it’s also possible to file a worker’s compensation claim that will also award benefits depending on the extent of the ailments.

Most importantly, an experienced attorney can handle the paperwork and other matters of the legal proceedings while victims and their loved ones are able to devote their attention to healing and recovery.”



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