Masseuse at SIXTY LES Hotel accused of sexually assaulting a client in her room.

SIXTY LES Hotel Masseuse Allegedly Sexually Abused a Client in Room

According to NY Post, a masseuse at the SIXTY LES Hotel sexually assaulted a female client during a massage in her hotel room.

The victim fell asleep during the massage and awoke to a nightmare. The man was fondling her and putting his fingers into her vagina. The sexual abuse lasted longer than 30 minutes after she had awojen. The victim was paralyzed with fear during the assault thinking it could become more violent. Once the opportune time presented itself, she ran.

The masseuse was hired without having his credentials verified, undergoing a background check, or stating his name. The hotel did not respond to the request for comments.

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Legal Options of Victims Sexually Assaulted by a Masseuse

Attorney contributor Laurence Banville, an experienced sexual assault lawyer, who represents victims of sexual assaults in civil lawsuits. In an interview, Laurence provided the following legal commentary on the rights of victims sexually assaulted by a masseuse.

“The massage industry has widespread issues with sexual assault because the client is vulnerable and masseuse has easy access to the client. This abuse of access is seen across the country as hundreds of reports of sexual assault have been reported. Victims sexually abused by a masseuse in a spa or parlor should know their legal rights, as they may have grounds for a civil lawsuit against.”

“Massage parlor, spas, or hotel owners are legally responsible for upholding the safety of their clients. These owners must ensure the massage therapists they hire are qualified and can be trusted. Otherwise these owners may be considered liable if a client is sexually assaulted by a masseur. An example of negligence is if a massage parlor has received previous complaints and does not increase security measures to prevent future incidents. Another example of negligence is if the company does not conduct proper hiring processes such as background checks and interviews. If a victim’s lawyer can prove the sexual assault was a result of the business’s negligence, the victim and their family may have ground for a civil lawsuit and receive compensation.”

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