60 Norfolk Street in New York, NY

1 worker dead and another injured after a construction accident on 60 Norfolk Street in New York, NY.

Fatal Construction Accident on The Lower East Side

ABC 7 reports that on October 21st 2019, a construction accident occurred at a mixed-use development on 60 Norfolk Street in New York, New York.

Two of the construction workers became trapped under rubble after one of the walls collapsed on them. They were rescued from the site and were transported to the hospital.

One of the victims died from their injuries and the other sustained serious injuries.

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Financial Compensation For Workers Injured In Construction Accidents

Attorney contributor Laurence Banville represents injured construction workers and helps them recover the financial compensation they deserve. Here are some thoughts from Laurence on the legal options available to these families:

Typically construction workers who have been injured on the job are able to receive workers’ compensation from their employer. However, these victims may have other legal options available to them.

In some cases, injured construction workers may be able to sue a third party if negligence was involved. For example, if a machine malfunctioned and caused injuries or death, then the manufacturer may be held responsible for the victim’s injuries.

60 Norfolk St New York, New York



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