Montvale Marriott Drowning

A 3-year old child nearly drowned in a Courtyard by Marriott Pool Until a Doctor Intervened

Doctor Saves Small Child Drowning in Hotel Pool

According to NJ.com, a small child almost drowned in a hotel pool in Montvale on Saturday, July 18th. Luckily a nearby doctor was able to perform CPR and save the boy’s life.

The 3-year old boy was pulled from the shallow section of the pool in the Courtyard by Marriott on Chestnut Ridge Road in Montvale. After the boy’s family pulled him from the pool, Dr. John Blundell, a doctor at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center was able to successfully perform CPR on the boy before medical teams got to the scene.

The boy was taken to Valley Hosptial in Ridgewood where he has since been treated and released.

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Possibility of a Lawsuit After a Near-Drowning in a Hotel Pool

Unfortunately, drownings are a much more common occurrence for small children than they should be. However, it is important for families to know that there is a possibility of receiving damages in the form of a civil lawsuit. Attorney Commentator Brian Kent is a drowning accident lawyer with experience in helping families get the compensation they deserve. Below he offered some comments on whether a family can file a lawsuit:

“From 2015-2017, 73% of nonfatal swimming pool injuries involved children under 5. Therefore, facilities must have safety nets in place to protect small children near their pool. Certain measures, such as having a trained lifeguard on duty or training staff in water rescue and CPR can drastically reduce the risk of a drowning. If these measures are not in place, the facility may be found negligent and can be held accountable in a court of law.”

I asked him to continue by explaining if a family still has the right to a claim if the victim survives. “Absolutely! Near drownings can have long term physical and mental effects on a victim, including PTSD, learning difficulties, and permanent pulmonary damages. The medical bills for treating these symptoms can be very expensive so a victim’s family should always explore their options.”

Location of Courtyard by Marriott in Montvale, NJ




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