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The owner of the former Kempo Karate School in Modesto has been sentenced to prison for child sex abuse.

Former Kempo Karate School Owner & Instructor Sentenced for Sexually Abusing 8 Boys

The former owner of the now-defunct Kempo Karate School in Modesto has been sentenced to 29 years and eight months in prison for sexually abusing several young karate students. 53-year-old Carlos Silva Loya was sentenced by a Stanislaus County judge on Monday, September 22.

Loya was the owner and master instructor at Kempo Karate School at the time of his arrest in August of 2016. He pleaded no contest to sexually abusing eight of his students, but now he wants to withdraw that plea.

In addition to the prison sentence, Superior Court Judge Thomas Zeff ordered Loya to stay 100 yards away from his eight victims and to make no attempts to contact them. He also must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

The first victim came forward to tell police that Loya had sexually abused him. Police then interrogated Loya and he confessed to having sexual contact with the boy, according to testimony by Detective Sean Dodge.

Following the news coverage of his arrest, several other former students came forward to report that they had also been sexually abused by Loya. He was charged with 29 felony counts of sexual abuse.

On March 26 of this year, Loya pleaded no contest to seven counts of committing lewd and lascivious acts with a child and one count of committing sodomy by force on a child younger than 14 years old. The remaining charges were dropped as part of the plea deal.

Earlier in September, Loya testified that he felt like he was forced into the plea deal and that he wanted to withdraw the plea. However, Judge Zeff denied the request.

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