Midtown Manhattan, New York - Woman Falls Several Feet Into Construction Zone Pit

Incident Occurred Near The Intersection Of Eight Avenue And 35th Street

Last Updated: 7/13/2020

About two blocks from Penn Station, an unnamed woman suffered injuries when, while walking on the sidewalk over a covered construction pit, she unexpectedly fell through.

NYC Emergency crews responded to the scene just before 3PM on Friday, October 18th. Once there, they were able to remove the woman from the hole, at which point they treated her and then translated her to local Bellevue hospital.

The exact circumstances are unclear, but some witnesses reported that, when the woman stepped over the hole, it was in fact covered. Upon placing her foot, whatever was covering the hole flipped, making way for the woman to fall through. Some also indicated that the victim may have injured her head as she was falling.

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An experienced construction injury attorney and contributor to Legal Herald, Laurence Banville shared the following information for those who may have suffered injuries due to construction accidents:

“A construction site is much more dangerous than most people think. In fact, the hazards you may find on a project site go much further than those which can be mitigated by a hardhat. For this reason, construction workers are some of the most likely employees to suffer workplace injuries and file worker’s compensation claims.

Construction sites, particularly when they’re located in highly-trafficked areas, can also become hazards to those who walk around them.

Federal supervising bodies like OSHA regulate construction work, and have put many laws in place which limit the risk that people near construction sites are exposed to. Unfortunately, when these laws are violated, the healthy and safety of just about anyone can be compromised.

When construction accidents occur as a result of the negligence of another person, then victims have the option of pursuing a lawsuit. This legal process will allow victims and their families to obtain financial help.

This help comes in the form of compensation that is based on the damages suffered, but which can include emotional and physical trauma, along with medical costs and lost wages.

All cases are specific and victims of construction accidents should speak with an experienced attorney who devotes time to their circumstances while also fighting for their rights and deserved compensation.”



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