Merritt Island, Florida - Crash Involving Dump Truck & Tractor-Trailer Closes Beachline

Eastbound SR 528 Lanes Closed Due to Crash & Subsequent Fuel Leak

A crash involving a tractor-trailer carrying gravel and a dump truck closed the Merritt Island Beachline near mile marker 47 in the early hours of Monday, October 28th.

Further details regarding how the incident occurred are yet to be released by authorities, but it is known that one of the drivers suffered severe injuries and was airlifted to a local hospital for treatment. After the remaining victims were treated, hazmat crews were called out to the scene to clean up the diesel fuel that had leaked from the dump truck after the accident.

Authorities have indicated that a pickup truck may have been involved as well, though this is yet to be confirmed. Officials are continuing their investigation.

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A regular contributor to Legal Herald and experienced attorney at BanvilleLaw.com, Laurence Banville offered the following insight for those who may have suffered injuries in a truck accident:

“Truck accidents that leave those involved with severe injuries don’t just change the lives of those who suffer the actual injuries; often, it’s an entire family who feels the repercussions and suffers the consequences of a negligent person’s actions. And while nothing can change the past or undo injuries that have taken place, victims and their loved ones don’t have to go through the trying times without help.

The law gives victims of truck accidents a path to pursue justice after their injuries most notably through a truck accident lawsuit. Indeed, if the life-changing injuries were the result of another driver’s negligence, why should the victims and their families be left to deal with the financial struggles all by themselves?

With the assistance of an aggressive attorney with experience in truck accident injuries, victims can pursue a full compensation. This reward is based on the direct damages suffered in the accident, and can also take into account medical costs expected to come in the future, as well as physical disabilities and loss of income.

Taking the path of filing a lawsuit can seem overwhelming in the time that victims are concentrating on recovering and getting their lives back on track.

Unfortunately, each state has different legislation which limits the amount of time that a victim has to bring forth a lawsuit after a truck accident. For this reason, victims should consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible to understand all of their legal options, allowing them to make the right choice for them.”



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