Martin County FL Pickup Driver Killed In Head-On Collision With Dump Truck On Sate Road 710

Deceased Driver Identified As 68-Year-Old Chris Buchanan Of Okeechobee, FL

The deadly crash between a Chevy pickup and an industrial dump truck occurred in the morning hours, around 9:30AM, of Thursday, October 17th.

Buchanan and an additional passenger were headed northbound on SR 710 when the dump truck crossed the median and struck their vehicle head-on. The incident occurred south of the intersection with Martin Highway (SR 714), and caused the roadway to remain closed for several hours.

Upon responding to the severe accident, Martin County emergency services elected to have Buchanan airlifted to Ft. Pierce’s Lawnwood Regional Medical Center & Heart Institute for treatment. Unfortunately, he would later succumb to his injuries.

The condition of the second passenger remains unknown, but their injuries are believed to be less serious. The dump truck driver did not sustain any grave injuries.

Florida Highway Patrol and the local Sheriff’s Office are conducting an investigation, with no charges brought forth at this time.

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