Manhattan, New York - Construction Worker Killed, Others Injured On Broadway Ave Construction Site

Deadly Construction Accident Occurred At Site Between 29th & 30th Streets

Last Update: 7/13/2020

Two construction workers suffered injuries while a third was killed the morning of Thursday, October 24th at the 1227 Broadway Ave project site.

Few details have been released, though it is believed that the fatal incident involved a construction elevator. It appears the deceased may have suffered a severe crushing injury that led him to fall down the elevator shaft. The other two victims were reported to have suffered minor injuries that were treated at the scene.

The New York City Department of Buildings is currently conducting an investigation into this incident; OSHA is also expected to intervene.

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Laurence Banville of BanvilleLaw.com is an experienced attorney who fights assertively for the rights of workers injured or killed on construction sites. He had the following insight to offer for individuals or families of victims who may find themselves in a similar circumstance:

“The construction industry, aside from being renowned for it’s ability to erect massive buildings in seemingly no time, is also recognized for being one of the most dangerous professions in the entire country.

When one examines all of the hazards encountered on a work site, it’s easy to see why. For example, consider that construction employees are constantly surrounded by power tools which, although efficient, are increasingly risky if not used with care. Heavy machinery is exactly the same – a very useful piece of equipment if safely used. Lastly, there’s the fact that workers are usually working at heights, whether on scaffolding or in partially-constructed structures.

Unfortunately, in spite of the strict regulations put in place by OSHA, the federal office that supervises workplace safety, hundreds of construction workers are killed every year, with thousands more suffering grave injuries.

In the case of death, the surviving family members of victims have the right to file a construction death lawsuit. This legal proceeding will give the family an opportunity to fight for the compensation that they deserve in a court of law.

Most people understand that it’s necessary to seek out an attorney when filing a lawsuit. Yet the help of a lawyer can also be instrumental when coming forth with a worker’s compensation claim. This is perhaps even more applicable when talking about an injury suffered on a construction site.

Whichever the case, victims of construction accidents and their loved ones should discuss their case with an experienced attorney who will defend their rights and achieve the full compensation that they deserve and need to get back on their feet.”



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