Lubbock, Texas - 25-Year-Old Worker Dies From Electrocution At Brown County Rumpke Landfill

Victim Identified As Jory Vaness Of Michigan

The accident occurred around 8AM on Tuesday, November 12th at the Rumpke Waste & Recycling station located at 9427 Beyers Rd.

Officials have indicated that Vaness, a subcontractor, was working on a bucket lift when it pivoted and came into contact with high-voltage power lines. It was then when he received a fatal shock.

Brown County emergency crews were dispatched to the Rumpke electric generating station, but upon their arrival the victim was pronounced dead. The County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the accident, as is the state’s OSHA division.

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“The labors of industrial employees are often critical for the conservation and growth of cities all across the county, yet along with it also come various inherent risks.

With these in mind, OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, was founded to serve as a supervising agency over all workplace injuries. Not only do they report on all cases, they also conduct investigations into each, determining why/how they occurred and then implementing new regulations to stop it from occurring again. If they find that employers did not provide safe conditions for workers, they may also issue citations.

Yet these citations are not necessary for a worker who suffered an injury to file a worker’s compensation claim. They are also not necessary for the family of a deceased worker to file a lawsuit. And through both of these legal proceedings, victims and their loved are able to recover damages related to the accident such as lost wages, medical bills, and loss of companionship, among others.

Most people can understand why you need an attorney to file a lawsuit, but not all know that a lawyer can also prove vital through a worker’s comp claim. These claims are paid out by insurance companies in most cases and these companies will try many ways of reducing the payout or denying it outright.

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