Crane Collapse Leaves One Victim Injured, Several Homes Damaged Long Beach CA

Mobile Crane Parked On 300 Block Of 61st Street Tips Over Onto Residential Homes

The Long Beach Fire Department responded to a call reporting the crane collapse around 12:30PM on Monday, October 7th. When they arrived, the found the crane resting on its side, with its extended arm having crashed onto nearby homes.

One victim, who remains unnamed, was translated to a local hospital for treatment of injuries caused by falling debris resulting from the crane’s collapse.

It is reported that the crane, owned by Bob Hill Crane, had been present in the neighborhood for a couple of days while power line work was conducted.

The accident caused some residents to be left without power for several hours; local traffic was also closed off until the scene was investigated and cleaned up. Fortunately, no other injuries were reported.

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When other, non-construction worker individuals become injured by ongoing construction, they have avenues for compensation that the on-site workers don’t have themselves. Mainly, they can file a personal injury lawsuit.

A personal injury lawsuit filed against the person, group of persons or even the entity which acted in a negligent fashion will often be the only way for victims and their loved ones to receive a full compensation. This is due to the fact that insurance policies are often limited in their coverage; they’ll also be quick to stop paying out benefits once a limit is reached.

In either case, victims of injuries should consult their case with an experienced attorney who will be able to inspect the facts of the case and provide input on what the legal options are. This discussion should be had as soon as possible after the incident, as evidence can be lost and memory can fade.”



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