Route 121 at I-35

A woman was killed and a man was critically injured in a suspected DWI crash on Business I-21 near I-35 in Lewisville.

Woman Killed, Man Critically Injured in Alleged DWI Crash on Business 121 Near I-35 Service Road

A 25-year-old woman has been arrested following a fatal suspected drunk driving crash that left a woman dead and a man critically injured early New Year’s Day.

According to the Lewisville Police, the crash occurred around 3:45 a.m. on Business 121 near the I-35 service road in Lewisville. A GMC Terrain was reportedly traveling northbound on Business 121 and turned left onto the I-35 service road when the vehicle collided with a southbound Chevy Cavalier traveling in the opposite direction.

The male driver of that Cavalier was hospitalized in intensive care with critical injuries but is expected to survive. A female passenger in that vehicle was also hospitalized but died from her injuries.

25-year-old Marissamary Guadalupe Pecina was driving the GMC and has been charged with driving while intoxicated. Police reportedly expect to add additional charges.

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Legal Rights of DWI Crash Victims and Their Families in Texas

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of CrimeVictim.Attorney has helped many families recover the financial compensation they need and deserve after losing a loved one in crashes caused by drunk drivers. Brian has offered to share some of his thoughts on the legal options of families affected by drunk driving crashes:

Sadly, drunk driving crashes remain some of the most common causes of accidental deaths and injuries in the United States. When a drunk driver causes a crash that results in serious or fatal injuries, the victims and their families should be aware of their legal rights. Drunk driving crashes cause emotional and financial difficulties, and those affected by these difficulties deserve financial compensation.

In Texas and all other states, drunk drivers can be sued in personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits. However, Texas is also one of many states where alcohol vendors can be held liable for serving drunk drivers, depending on specific conditions. These alcohol vendor lawsuits are known as dram shop claims.

According to Texas’ dram shop law, an alcohol vendor can be held liable for serving someone who was either:

  • under 18 years old, or
  • “obviously intoxicated” and posing “a clear danger” to the safety of others and self, and
  • the intoxication was a “foreseeable” cause of injuries suffered by others.

For example, if a bartender served someone who was showing clear signs of intoxication and that customer went on to injure others in a drunk driving crash, the bar owner could possibly be held liable if the victim and their family filed a dram shop lawsuit.

If you or a loved has recently been injured or killed in a crash with a drunk driver, you can learn more about your family’s legal options in a free consultation with one of our veteran dram shop lawyers.

Highway 121 Near I-35 in Lewisville, TX

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