Lee County, Florida - Worker Killed At 16000 Indy Drive Construction Site

Victim Remains Unidentified As Authorities Call Incident An “Accidental Death”

A construction worker was killed the morning of Wednesday, November 6th on a project site located off of Alico road at 16000 Indy Drive in Fort Myers, FL.

Officials have yet to release any details regarding the victim themselves or the nature of the accident; all that has been made public is that the death is not considered a result of “foul play”. Nevertheless, OSHA officials from the state of Florida were observed to have arrived at the scene to investigate the fatal workplace incident.

More information is expected to be released, including the victim’s name, in the coming days.

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An experienced construction accident attorney at BanvilleLaw.com, Laurence Banville offered the following information for victims and family members of victims of construction injuries and deaths:

“There isn’t a single construction worker in the United States who goes to work expecting to suffer an injury. Nevertheless, the statistics show that almost every day, construction workers throughout the country suffer injuries on project sites.

When workers are lucky enough to survive a construction injury, they often have new obstacles to overcome. These include the obvious physical recovery process, as well as other burdens which can include mounting medical bills.

Fortunately the law allows construction employees, like all other employees, to file a worker’s compensation claim to apply for benefits that will cover the damages resulting from the injury.

If a worker is killed on a work site, a construction death lawsuit may be one of the few ways for the victim’s family to receive a compensation that helps support them through such a tough time. In some cases, both a worker’s compensation claim and a lawsuit can be pursued at the same time.

Victims or family members of victims who find themselves in a similar situation and are wondering what their legal options are should discuss their case with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. A legal representative will be able to analyze the case, lay out all the options for the victims, and then fight to get the persons affected by the accident the compensation they deserve.”



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