US 50 and Elks Club Drive

One Dead And One Injured In Crash On Highway 50

The U.S. Forest Fire Service and first responders were called to the intersection of Elks Club Drive and U.S. Highway 50 after emergency calls reported a tanker truck on fire. When the responders arrived, only 5 minutes after the first call, they discovered a two vehicle accident had occurred involving the tanker and a Prius.

The collision caused the semi-truck to flip onto its side and slide across the highway. The fuel tank on the back, which was full of 8,400 gallons of gasoline, was punctured, spilling onto the highway. The collision also caused a fire and the truck was engulfed in flames. The driver of the truck was unable to escape and was found dead inside of the cab when the flames were finally put out.

The driver of the Prius was taken to the hospital having sustained at minimum, a fractured femur.

The police are investigating the accident. The total environmental impact of the gasoline spill has not yet been determined.

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