Catholic Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph

The Catholic Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph has released a list of clergy accused of sex abuse.

19 Clerics with Substantiated Allegations of Child Sex Abuse Named

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph has released the names of 19 clerics who Bishop James Johnson Jr. says had substantiated allegations of child sex abuse against them. This archdiocese is the last of four Missouri dioceses to release a list of accused clerics.

Out of the 19 clerics named in this report:

  • 13 have died
  • 2 have been removed from the ministry
  • 4 have been laicized (removed from clerical duties)

One of the laicized clerics, Shawn Ratigan, is currently serving a 50-year federal prison sentence following a 2013 conviction for producing or attempting to produce child pornography.

The diocese has also released 11 names of clerics in other categories:

  • 3 who had substantiated allegations while in the diocese but are now in other dioceses
  • 2 religious-order priests who have been removed from the ministry
  • 3 former diocesan priests who were found “unsuitable for ministry out of concern for the safety of our youth”
  • 3 clergy who are part of legal settlements but whose cases have not been substantiated in court or by the church

The diocese submitted this list to the Missouri attorney general’s office, which is currently investigating clergy sex abuse in all four of the state’s dioceses.

In July, the St. Louis Diocese named 61 clergy with substantiated allegations against them. The Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau has identified three priests and the Diocese of Jefferson City released a list of 35 credibly accused clergy members.

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