Jeffersonville house explosion

A house in Jeffersonville, Indiana exploded on May 19.

Officials: Natural Gas Caused Jeffersonville House Explosion

Officials in Jeffersonville, Indiana say that natural gas was the cause of a house explosion that killed one person and injured at least three others on Sunday. The home at 904 Assembly Road exploded in the early hours of May 19.

Police say that roughly 12 hours before the explosion, there was “an increase of the quantity of natural gas” entering the house. This continued until the explosion occurred at around 4:54 a.m.

50-year-old William Phillips was killed in the blast. His wife, 45-year-old Janet Phillips, was hospitalized in critical condition at the University of Lousiville Hospital. She remained there as of Wednesday morning.

A woman who lived next door was also hospitalized and was released on Sunday. In the home across the street, an 11-year-old girl was injured when part of her ceiling collapsed, breaking her collar bone.

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Jeffersonville House Explosion Causes Injuries, Death, Property Damage

The effects of Sunday night’s house explosion in Jeffersonville affected several families in the area and the blast could be felt as far as 5 miles away. Several homes in the area had broken windows, doors blown off, and ceilings cracked. According to the Jeffersonville Fire Department, homes two blocks away had their window completely shattered and family photos were found scattered throughout the neighborhood.

At least one home has been condemned and another might be, depending on the results of an inspection. A total of eight homes will be subject to engineer reports in order to determine the extent of the damage before the residents can return. Eight families were still unable to return to their homes on Monday because of structural concerns.

Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore spoke during a press conference on Monday and assured residents that every gas line in the area had been secured following the blast.

Legal Options For Families Affected by Natural Gas Explosions

Attorney Jeff Gibson and his team of experienced Indiana personal injury lawyers at Wagner Reese represents people who have been injured by negligence. Here are some of his thoughts on the legal options available to families affected by natural gas explosions:

Natural gas companies have a crucial responsibility to make sure that their businesses are run safely. Regular maintenance and safety inspections are critical in order to make sure the community is safe. When gas pipeline systems are poorly maintained or not in safe working condition, explosions can occur, causing deaths, injuries, and property damage.

Families affected by natural gas explosions may have the right to file a lawsuit against the gas company if the explosion is determined to have been the company’s fault. These claims can help provide compensation for property damage, medical bills, and evacuation costs.

Determining the cause of a natural gas explosion is a complicated process. If you or someone you love has suffered serious or fatal injuries, or if your family’s home has been damaged in a natural gas explosion, we advise speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Location of Jeffersonville Natural Gas House Explosion




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