Jacksonville, Florida - Worker In Critical Condition After Being Electrocuted At N Kernan Construction

Victim Was Operating A Boom Lift When It Contacted Power Lines

The electrocution accident occurred on the morning of Friday, October 25th at the work site located at the intersection of North Kernan Boulevard and Running River Road.

Jacksonville Sheriffs indicated the man was inside the cabin of the truck when it hit a high power transmission line. As he attempted to exit the vehicle, he came into contact with metal components which had a powerful current running through them and was shocked.

A nearby worker administered CPR until emergency units arrived, at which point they took over. The victim was severely injured and had to be hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

Officials also reported that the employer of the victim, believed to be “James D. Hinson Electrical Contracting Co”, along with another contractor “Superior Construction”, did not request the power from the lines be turned off while work was ongoing at the site.

OSHA officials, along with local authorities, are conducting an investigation into this power line accident.

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An aggressive defender of victim’s rights and an experienced injury attorney at BanvilleLaw.com, Laurence Banville offered the following insight for construction workers who have suffered an injury on a work site:

“The statistics show that electrocution accidents on constructions sites are not as common as one could imagine, yet they still leave those who are affected with devastating injuries. Even worse, these types of electrocution incidents take the lives of 400 construction employees every year.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration of the United States, also known as OSHA, is the federal regulatory body that looks into all workplace injuries, including those that take place on a construction project. OSHA has categorized electrocution injuries into the four categories below:

  1. Electric shock
  2. Falls after receivng a shock
  3. Burns of any degree
  4. Fatal discharges onto person

Most construction site electrocutions fall into the first group above. These generally occur when a worker makes contact with a charged wire without noticing and, unfortunately, without any type of protection. These incidents also manifest when workers make contact with metal or other conductive materials that are touching the wire and become charged.

Construction site workers who suffer an electrocution while on-the-job have the right to file a worker’s compensation claim with the state. If successful, this claim will cover all medical treatment necessary and sometimes even a portion of lost income. Yet if the claim is not properly filed, then the benefits received by victims can be significantly diminished if not outright denied.

For this reason, injured construction workers should enlist the assistance of an experienced construction injury attorney who fights for the full compensation that their clients deserve.”



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