Construction Worker Killed Two Injured At Frito-Lay Factory Irving TX

The Three Victims Were Contractors For Walker Engineering

The incident is believed to have occurred around 1PM on the afternoon of Friday, October 4th.

The three men were working at an elevated height with the use of scissor lifts. The exact circumstances are not yet known, but it has been indicated that both pieces of equipment collided. When this happened, the men were knocked off and fell from a height of 2o to 30 feet.

None of the victims have been named, though officials detailed them as men in their thirties. Of the two survivors, one endured critical injuries while the other’s trauma was slightly less grave but still severe.

Local police and OSHA officials are currently carrying out investigations.

Laurence Banville

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In researching the facts of this article, I had the chance to discuss the rights of construction accident victims with Laurence Banville, a Legal Herald contributor and construction injury attorney at BanvilleLaw.com. He offered the following information:

“Every day, countless employees go to work in the United States. Unfortunately, not all of them make it home safely by the end of the day. Suffice it to say that some professions are more dangerous than others, but there are few that are more hazardous to its employees than the construction industry.

Construction workers are constantly surrounded by heavy machinery that can seriously injure them if just a small mistake is made. Likewise, they’re also often found working on elevated surfaces from which they could fall.

When all safety rules and regulations are followed, a work site remains as safe as it will ever be. But with so many workers, often from different contractors, on the same site, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.

When construction accidents turn into construction injuries, the victims can turn to the worker’s compensation system for help. A worker’s comp claim can provide a lot of help for victims and their families, but if it’s not properly submitted, there’s a chance it falls short on benefits.

On the other hand, if victims believe that their injuries were caused by the negligence of a third party on the construction site, then a lawsuit may also be considered.

Both avenues can be pursued simultaneously, in this manner helping victims and their loved ones achieve the compensation they need to feel safe again. For both paths, the help of an experienced attorney can prove invaluable.”



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