Westpark Tollway at Synott in Houston, Texas

Drunk driving crash kills a man and injures 2 others on the ramp at Westpark Tollway at Synott in Houston, Texas.

Suspected Drunk Driver Causes Deadly Crash on Westpark Tollway at Synott in Houston

ABC 13 reports that late on Sunday night a drunk driving crash occurred at the Westpark Tollway at Synott leaving one person dead. The deceased victim has been identified as 42-year-old Rene Rivas. Allegedly, Rivas was riding in the back of a police car when it was struck, causing his death.

According to the police, the drunk driver who collided head on with the cops was 39-year-old Patrick Njogu. Apparently, he was three times over the legal limit and had five previous DWI arrests. He is set to face anywhere from 5 to 99 years in prison and is currently being charged with felony murder and intoxication assault on a peace officer.

After the police car collided with Njogu’s Lexus going the wrong way, both deputies in the vehicle sustained non-life threatening injuries. Deputy Drake broke his foot and Deputy Zelaya suffered a concussion. Both officers stated that there was little time to react.

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Legal Options Available to Victims and Their Families Injured or Killed By Drunk Drivers in Texas

Have you been affected by a drunk driving crash? Or do you know someone else who has? Attorney contributor Brian Kent of https://CrimeVictim.Attorney specializes in drunk driving crash cases. Below we have asked him to share some of his advice on the legal options available to drunk driving victims and their families:

“What people in Texas and in many other states should first know is that there are many different legal routes that drunk driving victims can take in trying to seek financial compensation from a crash. People involved in drunk driving accidents can file a personal injury lawsuit against the inebriated driver. And while this is a common option that many people elect to take, there are a few other courses that these victims can take.”

“For example, most states follow dram shop laws. Under these laws, a drunk driving victim can bring forth a lawsuit against the vendor who sold the alcohol to the reckless driver. Nevertheless, each state maintains their own variant dram shop laws. In Texas, an alcohol vendor may be held liable for a drunk driving accident if the vendor is:

  • serving alcohol to a minor (someone under the age of 21)
  • or serving alcohol to someone who is already “obviously” intoxicated.”

If you or someone close to you has been killed or injured in a drunk driving accident, please do not hesitate to contact an experienced attorney today. Please feel free to speak with one of our drunk driving crash victims attorneys to discuss you legal options.

Location of The Ramp on Westpark Tollway at Synott in Houston, Texas

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