Electrocuted Construction Worker In Hialeah FL Dies

Hialeah Fire Rescue Found Victim Unresponsive Upon Arrival On Scene

Emergency responders made it to the 4260 Palm Avenue construction site, less than a block away from 42nd St., just past noon on Thursday, October 3rd.

They were met with a male victim believed to be in his 40s in an unconscious state. The electrocuted man was treated but later pronounced dead.

The circumstances of the accident are still unclear. The victim is reported to have been working on the top floor of the unfinished building when he somehow came into contact with power lines.

Authorities are still investigating the scene, as is Florida Power & Light.

Laurence Banville

Hi. My name is Laurence Banville.

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Laurence Banville, electrocution accident attorney at BanvilleLaw.com, shared the following insights when asked what options the victims of construction electrocution accidents should consider:

“While it is true that electrocution accidents are not as common as other incidents on construction sites, this by no means suggests that when they happen, the effects are any less devastating.

OSHA, the federal agency that oversees workplace accidents, has previously reported that almost 400 workers die each year from electrocutions. And that’s without counting those who are permanently injured but lucky enough to survive.

Victims of electrocution accidents on construction sites can face tough challenges after their incident; for example, many are faced with large medical bills and are usually unable to return to work, at least for some time. This inevitably leads to financial stress as the household income is significantly affected.

Construction employees take on a lot of risk every day when they head to work, and when they become injured, they have some options for receiving compensation. The first is a worker’s compensation claim, which are helpful though often insufficient in their coverage.

In cases of electrocution, another possible legal avenue is a lawsuit. Since these can only be filed under specific circumstances, a case should be discussed with an experienced attorney to take into accounts all of the resolutions on the table.”



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