Two Teenage From Chicago Killed In Semi-Truck Accident Hammond IN

Victims Identified As 17-Year-Old Emily Perez And 18-Year-Old Mia Rodriguez

Emily Perez and Mia Rodriguez were the two passengers traveling in a vehicle that collided with a semi-truck on the evening of Monday, October 7th. Both would be pronounced dead at the scene, with their cause of death indicated as blunt force trauma from the accident.

The tragic wreck occurred around 10PM at the intersection between Indianapolis Blvd and 108th St.

The driver of the vehicle in which the deceased teens were traveling was also injured, though they were transported from the scene to a local hospital for treatment. The driver of the semi-truck also received some injuries, though they were of a minor degree.

Additional details have yet to be released by officials as the accident is still under investigation. Likewise, no charges have been filed.

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Jeff Gibson, a contributor to Legal Herald and experienced truck accident attorney, shared the following vital information for the families of victims who were injured or even killed in truck accidents:

“When a truck accident takes place, it’s not difficult to replace the vehicles or repair the damage they may have suffered. What’s not as simple is for those who suffer injuries to cover their medical bills, and for the loved ones of deceased victims to get back on their feet after a tragedy. Existing automobile insurance policies can provide some relief, but you can be sure that when the limit or maximum payout is reached, the insurance company will stop paying.

The long-term cost of medical treatment for an injury, such as a brain or spinal injury, can reach and surpass the millions of dollars. This substantial amount of money is something that the average American simply cannot afford. So, how can semi-truck accident victims pay for the medical treatment and care that they both need and deserve?

A truck accident lawsuit is filed with the goal of recovering a full compensation that will cover all damages and losses. An accident lawsuit is a civil case and should not be confused with any criminal proceedings done by authorities. Being two separate processes, both can take place at the same time. Moreover, the legal complaint is filed against the individual, group, or entity whose negligence was the cause of the accident.

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