Construction Worker Killed, Others Injured After Car Crash on Burhans Blvd Hagerstown MD

Deceased Victim Identified As 68-Year-Old Brian Lee Gould of Hagerstown

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The accident took place just past 1PM on Thursday, October 10th after an SUV and a Toyota Tundra truck crashed at the crossing of Burhans Blvd and West Washington Street. The wreck then “spilled over” into the south parking lot of the Hagerstown PD which was being repaved.

Gould was one of the workers impacted by the SUV, as was 36-year-old Ryan Lee Wentzell of Knoxville, Md, both of whom were employees of local paving company Craig Paving.

A third worker, 46-year-old Hagerstown resident Michael Steven Lindsey, was also involved as he was sitting inside a construction vehicle, though he is not believed to have suffered injuries. Both Lindsey and Wentzell were taken to Meritus Medical for treatment.

The driver of one of the vehicles involved in the crash was also taken to the hospital for treatment, while the other was not harmed.

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Legal Rights For Victims of Construction Accidents

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For this reason, it can be helpful for victims and their loved ones to enlist the help of an experienced construction accident attorney throughout the process. They will assess the facts of the case and present all of the options that can aid in achieving a full compensation.

Indeed, they will also be able to determine if a lawsuit can be filed, though this can only be decided after careful consideration. Therefore, those looking to explore all of their legal options should consult with a legal representative as soon after an accident as possible.”



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