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Griffith Park Health Care Center

Griffith Park Health Care Center (FKA Allen Care Center), where an employee is accused of sexual assault.

Glendale Care Facility Healthcare Worker Arrested for Sexual Assault

A certified nursing assistant at the Griffith Park Health Care Center has been arrested for allegedly raping a patient at the facility for dependent adults in Glendale.

Officers with the Glendale Police Department arrested 25-year-old Luis Silverio on February 18 on suspicion of raping a person incapable of giving legal consent because of a mental, developmental, or physical disability. Police say the victim was a female patient in her 50s at Griffith Park Health Care Center, located at 201 Allen Ave.

According to the authorities, the woman told a doctor at the facility that she was having a problem with her “private parts.” The doctor contacted the police after this interaction.

Silverio told the police that the woman consented to the encounter. However, because of her status as a dependent adult, police say that she was not capable of giving consent.

Silverio has been released on $50,000 bail and the investigation is ongoing.

Over the past five years, there have been seven complaints of patient sexual abuse at Griffith Park. However, only two of these complaints were determined to have sufficient evidence of abuse. Both of these complaints were filed in June 2017.

Legal Recourse for Healthcare Sexual Abuse Survivors and Their Families

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of is a former prosecutor who now represents survivors of sexual crimes in civil lawsuits. We’ve asked him to share some of his thoughts on how survivors of healthcare facility sexual abuse can find justice through the legal system:

We all should feel like we can trust the healthcare employees in our communities. While most of these employees are worthy of this trust, there is also a high risk for sexual abuse involving healthcare employees because of their positions of trust. Sexual predators often seek out these types of positions and exploit their trust in order to abuse the people under their watch.

When a patient is sexually abused by a healthcare employee, it’s important to both prosecute the abuser and to investigate the facility to determine if they failed to keep their patients safe through negligence. For example, a healthcare facility might be considered negligent in a case of sexual abuse if they failed to report previous allegations of sexual misconduct at the facility or failed to run a background check before hiring a new employee.

In cases of negligence, the victims and their families may have grounds for a lawsuit against the healthcare facility. If you or a loved one if a survivor of sexual abuse in one of these facilities, you can learn more about your legal options by speaking to an experienced sex abuse survivors attorney.

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