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Multiple people have accused a Galveston County probation officer of sexual assault.

Galveston County Probation Officer Charged with Several Sex Crimes

A Galveston County probation officer has been fired and is facing numerous criminal charges after multiple victims have come forward with allegations of sexual assault.

The Galveston County Sheriff’s Office arrested probation officer Eric Alzafari at his home in Pearland on Friday, December 27. He has been charged with seven counts of official oppression, two counts of sexual assault, and two counts of sexual contact/intercourse with a supervised person.

Authorities began investigating Alzafari after multiple people filed complaints with the Galveston County Community Supervision and Corrections Department. He is accused of sexually assaulting at least three women who were on probation and under his supervision.

Alzafari was suspended and eventually fired as a result of this investigation. He had worked as an assistant supervisor at an office in Texas City.

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Justice for Victims of Sexual Assault by Probation Officers and Other Law Enforcement Officials

As a former sex crimes prosecutor, attorney Brian Kent worked to hold sexual predators accountable for their heinous crimes in criminal courts. Today, Brian is a sexual assault victims lawyer and founding partner of AbuseGuardian.com. We’ve asked Brian to add some of his thoughts on the legal rights of those who have been sexually assaulted by probation officers and others in law enforcement:

In law enforcement and other fields that involve working from positions of authority, it’s critical to make sure all employees are trustworthy. With authority comes a risk for abuse if this authority is exploited. Our attorneys have seen multiple cases of officials in probation, parole, and other areas of law enforcement assaulting people who were under their supervision. The victims of these crimes have legal rights and deserve justice.

The perpetrators of these crimes often think their authority will protect them from consequences, but this is not the case. Probation officers who sexually assault people under their supervision can be criminally charged if reported. Additionally, there are some situations where the officer or department can be held liable in a lawsuit due to negligence – such as failing to report previous allegations of sexual misconduct involving the employee.

Cases that involve negligence can often result in a lawsuit from the victims. If you or a loved one has been sexually assaulted by a parole or probation officer, you can learn more about your legal rights in a free consultation with one of our experienced sexual assault victims lawyers.

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