Office of Dr. Ernesto Torres

Office of Dr. Ernesto Torres in Frederick, Maryland. Torres is accused of sexually abusing at least 12 patients.

Dr. Ernesto Torres Indicted On Sexual Assault, Child Sex Abuse Charges

Dr. Ernesto Torres of Frederick, Maryland has been indicted on several sex crimes charges for allegedly sexually abusing a dozen patients.

Torres was first arrested earlier in May for allegedly raping an 18-year-old woman during a doctor’s examination. On May 20, he was arrested again following a grand jury indictment on 65 sex offenses. Following his initial arrest, another 11 victims came forward with allegations of sexual abuse. Many of the reported victims are underage girls.

Prior to his first arrest on May 7, Torres was indicted on charges of second-degree rape, second-degree assault, and fourth-degree sex offense for the alleged rape of the 18-year-old patient.

On Monday, the 68-year-old doctor was indicted on nine counts of child sex abuse, 10 counts of sex abuse of a minor, 43 counts of third-degree sex offense, two counts of second-degree sex offense, and one count of second-degree assault.

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Abuse Allegations Date Back 15 Years, More Victims Suspected

The allegations against Torres date back to as long as 15 years ago and the alleged victims range in age between 11 and 18. All of the alleged abuse is said to have occurred at Torres’ personal office in Frederick.

Additional accusers have reached out to authorities and it is possible that additional charges could be filed. Anyone with information regarding this case has been encouraged to come forward by calling the police victim services line at (301) 600-1356.

Legal Recourse For Doctor Sex Abuse Victims & Their Families

At Banville Law, our attorneys have helped survivors of doctor sexual abuse find the answers, support, and justice they deserve by taking legal action. Here is some general info regarding the legal rights of doctor sex abuse survivors and their families:

Regardless of the perpetrator, it goes without saying that sexual abuse is always a heinous crime. But when the abuser is a doctor or another medical professional, the effects of that abuse can extend to the entire community. Doctor sexual abuse traumatizes victims and their families, and it also damages public trust. The victims of these crimes deserve answers. Additionally, sexual predators in the medical community and third parties who enable them deserve to be held accountable.

When abuse is reported, the criminal justice system handles the prosecution of the perpetrator. However, the options for legal recourse don’t end here for survivors. In many cases, survivors of doctor sexual abuse may have grounds for a lawsuit against the doctor and/or the facility where the abuser occurred.

If you or a loved one is a survivor of sexual abuse by a doctor or another medical professional, your family may find justice by taking legal action. To learn more about your legal options, we advise speaking with an experienced sex abuse survivors lawyer.

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