Fort Worth, Texas - Marcos Manuel Best Killed In Crash With Parked Tractor-Trailer

Accident Occurred on 2500 Block of Brennan Avenue

The deadly crash that took the life of the 25-year-old happened just after 2AM on Saturday, December 7th.

Marcos Manuel Best, of Cleburne, was driving in his vehicle with another female passenger when it clipped the read end of a parked tractor-trailer on Brennan Ave, causing Best’s car to roll over and eject both passengers. Best was taken to a Fort Worth area hospital where he succumbed to his injuries just before 3AM. The female passenger also suffered severe injuries but initially survived; no additional update on her identity or status has been offered by officials.

The Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office reported Best’s cause of death as blunt force injuries.

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To accomplish this mission, they will often hire experienced adjusters whose main responsibility is to decrease the amount of benefits that each individual policy pays out to victims. These adjusters have extensive experience seeking reasons that allow the insurance company to reduce the amount of compensation or even deny it outright. In the cases when the full amount of a policy is actually paid out, it is often not enough to cover all the physical and emotional damages that a truck accident can cause.

For these reasons, the law permits the families of victims, as well as the victims themselves, to purse a full compensation via a truck accident lawsuit.

Aside from paying for past and future medical bills, a truck crash lawsuit can also provide a compensation to cover other damages such as loss of income or diminished quality of life, among others. Moreover, since this is civil case, a criminal conviction of the opposing party is not required for the plaintiff to win the case.

The amount of compensation will always vary from case to case. As a result, it’s vital for victims and their loved ones to find an experienced truck crash attorney who will analyze their case, determine all the applicable avenues for compensation, and then fight for every bit of it on behalf of their clients in a court of law.”



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