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FHN Healthcare Gives Notice of a Data Incident that may have Exposed Patient Information

According to a press release, Illinois healthcare organization, FHN, has suffered a data breach that may have exposed the personal information of patients. The press release explained the information that may have been exposed as well as the steps FHN has taken to support patients who may have been compromised.

FHN Healthcare Data Breach

FHN released a statement explaining that on April 30th, an investigation concluded that multiple FHN employees’ email accounts had been accessed by an unauthorized third-party. FHN determined that the breach occurred between the 12th and 13th of February, however, it was unable to conclude if the third party actually viewed the confidential information in the accounts.

FHN made it clear that not all patient’s information was impacted, only those whose information was stored in the email accounts that were accessed. This information may have included names, medical information, health insurance information, and social security numbers, among other things.

FHN has begun mailing notification letters to patients whose information was in the email accounts. Those with questions can call a toll-free number they have set up at 1-888-800-3306 between 8 am and 5 pm CST, Monday – Friday. FHN is also offering free credit monitoring services for those whose social security numbers or drivers’ license numbers may have been exposed.

Source: https://www.fhn.org/data-incident.asp

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Saeed & Little Announces It Will Investigate Alleged Data Breach at FHN Healthcare

Ali Saeed is an experienced data breach attorney. His firm, Saeed & Little has handled multiple lawsuits after data breaches and helped victims get the compensation they deserve. His firm has announced they will investigate the alleged breach at FHN Healthcare after FHN released a press release detailing the patient information that may have been compromised.

Is There Currently A Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit Against FHN Healthcare?

Saeed & Little’s investigation into the alleged data breach is still in its early stages. Saeed is currently in communication with current and former patients of FHN Healthcare to ensure that they understand their legal options.

It is currently too early to know whether there will be grounds for a class-action lawsuit against FHN. However, Saeed believes that if his investigation reveals that there is grounds for a data breach lawsuit against FN, his firm has resources and experience to successfully represent those affected by the alleged data breach.

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