Motorcycle-Truck Crash Leaves One Dead, Another Injured In Elkhart Cty IN

34-Year-Old Erin Schlabach Of Goshen Was Passenger Of Bike Who Was Killed

The crash occurred close to 8:30PM on Tuesday, October 1st between a semi-truck and a motorcycle, leaving one dead and another victim with grave injuries.

Reports indicate that a semi-truck driven by 73-year-old Lynn Alan Long of Iowa pulled out into the intersection of Country Road 40 and State Road 119 when they should have yielded. A motorcycle headed east on CR40, and which was carrying the two Goshen residents identified as Eli and Erin Schlabach, was not able to avoid the truck and crashed into its trailer.

Erin Schlabach, who was the passenger on the motorcycle, was pronounced dead at the scene. Eli, the driver of the bike, had to be airlifted by Medflight to nearby South Bend Memorial Hospital in critical condition. The driver of the truck was not harmed in the incident.

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