Elizabeth, New Jersey - 16-Year-Old Riding Electric Scooter Killed In Collision With Tow Truck

Nelson Miranda Gomez Was On a Lime Scooter When He Was Struck On Elizabeth Avenue

This deadly incident occurred just after 8PM on Wednesday, November 20th, with most of it being captured on a local business’ CCTV system.

Gomez was riding a rented Lime scooter across Spring Street when a tow truck driven by an unidentified individual made a right turn off Elizabeth Ave and struck the boy. Emergency crews responded to the collision but Gomez would be pronounced dead at the scene shortly after.

150 Lime scooters had flooded the streets of Elizabeth as the city approved a 6-month pilot program at the end of October. Other incidents related to the e-scooters, including tickets being issued to impaired riders and a minor collision with a vehicle, have also been reported in other New Jersey cities though no deaths had taken place until this point.

The mayor of Elizabeth, NJ indicated that evidently additional safety measures have to be considered in order to make the scooter adoption program safer, though other members of the community have expressed their absolute opposition to the service.

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