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Dynasplint Systems Announces a Data Breach that May Have Exposed 102,800 Individuals’ Information

Dynaplint Systems, a manufacturer and seller of splint systems to help patients who have a limited range of motion, reportedly suffered a data breach in May which might have exposed sensitive patient information.

Dynasplint Systems Data Breach

With the aid of a digital forensics firm, Dynasplint Systems concluded its investigation on June 4th. They determined that sensitive information that may have been acquired by the attackers includes names, addresses, social security numbers, and medical information. Dynasplint is reporting that there are 102,800 individuals who may have had their information compromised.

Dynasplint began notifying individuals of the breach on August 7th and have offered potential victims credit monitoring services for the next year through Kroll. Those who may have been affected can call 1-844-923-2637 toll-free to register for these services.




Ali Saeed - Data Breach Lawyer

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If you believe your information was exposed or you are not sure and would like to know more about your rights as a result of a data breach, just give me a call.

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Saeed & Little Announces Investigation of The Data Breach at Dynasplint Systems

Ali Saeed has announced that he will investigate the data breach at Dynasplint Systems from last May. His firm, Saeed & Little will gather as much information as possible from various parties in order to have a better understanding of how the data breach occurred and how many people have been affected.

Is There A Class Action Lawsuit Following the Data Breach at Dynasplint Systems?

Saeed and Little is still in the early stages of their investigation into the data breach. They have been in active communication with patients at Dynasplint Systems to ensure that they are familiar with their legal rights in the situation of a data breach. Stolen information can be used for egregious acts such as identity theft and false purchases which can cause long-term stress for those affected, making it important that they know their options.

If their investigation uncovers evidence that justifies the filing of a class-action lawsuit, Saeed and Little feels that their experience with data breach settlements would enable them to adequately represent all those affected.

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