Denton, Texas - Two Killed When Truck Carrying Propane Tanks Explodes On I-35W

Victims Identified As 59-Year-Old Paul Buckley Sachs Of Ft. Worth & 63-Year-Old Ann Marie Cole Of Denton

The fatal accident involving two 18-wheeler trucks and at least four other passenger vehicles took place the afternoon of Friday, November 8th in the northbound lanes of I-35W.

While exact details regarding the circumstances of the crash have yet to be released, authorities have reported that speed was a factor in the crash. The identities of two deceased victims have been released, though it is believed that another person who is yet to be named was also killed in this tragic incident. At least three other drivers involved were hospitalized, though their injuries were non-life-threatening.

The numerous propane tanks carried by the truck caught on fire and were strewn across the highway after the crash, leading to a massive fire that consumed not only the cabin of the truck but also one of the other passenger vehicles involved in the crash. Traffic in both directions remained closed for hours while the scene was cleaned up.

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